Our methods.
What we do and how we do it.

LiminalMedia.com was conceptualized in 1997, not by the think-tank that brought you such e-tastrophies as E-Toys and NetZero, but rather in a hot-tank. . . or think-tub . . . well a hot-tub really, by Matto, Erty and Myself on a cool Southern California eve. Originally developed to be the West Coast marketing arm of FreeAssociates.com, a cutting edge design firm based in Boston, MA., LiminalMedia.com has evolved, transformed and transpired to become an amalgamation of internet and multimedia technologies coupled with the occasional performance of services; either consulting, web design, multi-media production or multi-media post production.

Most of all, LiminalMedia.com is the Place on the Internet where I play. It is has become my electronic domain, ever changing, and though often neglected, the place where I am slowly developing my strategy for the internet.

LiminalMedia.com still provides services for a few select clients from time to time but is no longer operating as an internet services business. We do business here; manage e-mail accounts, some hosting and some preliminary development but I am not soliciting customers and the work I do perform is on a volunteer basis to non-profit organizations, local artists and friends.

I am currently working with Charlie Nanos on his web-site to accompany his upcoming CD release party. We are also producing video content for release on CharlieNanos.com.

I may be available from time to time to shoot video or photographs in and around the Portland area. If you require such services and would like to speak with me about it please contact me using the form on this site.

And what of our wet beginings? FreeAssociates and LiminalMedia remain partners in spirit. Matto has carried the flag of FreeAssociates to Seattle where he continues to transform ordinary objects into the best designs on the web. Ert traded in Boston for San Diego where he makes really cool software and continues to be involved with FreeAssociates and DigitalWeave.

As LiminalMedia evolves, so do the means by which I can use it.

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